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Dept. of Birthdays

Delayed Birthdays Are Still to be Celebrated, As Are Today's!

It's been a bit of a week - and it bids fair to be quite a bit more of a week next week. With that in mind, I've decided to enjoy the weekend. I'll check through my various f'lists and try to catch up with people. And in between grocery shopping and cleaning the oven and stovetop, and possibly even damp mopping the dining room floor, I shall attempt more fic writing.

But first - very definitely first - there are birthday wishes to send out.

Back on May 9,
[personal profile] calapine had a birthday. I hope you celebrated in a way that made you happy, perhaps with family, perhaps with friends, perhaps at home with your feet up on the ottoman, with a libation of your choice in one hand, a good book or a remote in the other. I don't see you around here often, but I really enjoy you when you are. Happy year!

Then on May 10
deathpixiehad her birthday. I hope it was a good one for you who are, so far as I know, still in My Home and Native Land. May your day have been good, and may it presage an excellent year for you!

When May 14 (today! woo-hoo!) dawned,
jrsz's birthday celebration commenced - and I hope it will be an excellent one. I hope you're still poking about around here, and I hope your life is being good to you!

And finally, on the very same day - today, huzzah!!! -
[personal profile] lost_spook is celebrating her birthday. Here's to one of the finest tour guides I've ever had the pleasure of guiding me into the lost world of old British television, here's to that rare fic writer who is both prolific and proficient - nay, brilliantly talented - and here's to someone gifted with dry and gentle wit, patience, and determination to keep enjoying life. I'm glad to know you, and I hope today has been a birthday that suits you right down to your toes!

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