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First, an update: I've done some research on the DeWolf family of Bristol, possible connection to Wolfville thereof. Yes, there is a connection - the Nova Scotian DeWolfes were cousins, who did, upon occasion, visit their Bristol and New York relatives. They were descended from Jehiel, Nathan and Simeon DeWolf. So far, I can see no direct-to-the-business connection, but there is certainly evidence that cod was shipped from Wolfville to the West Indies for rum and molasses. So money changed hands in Wolfville that was undoubtedly at least indirectly connected to the slave trade.  Here's a quote from "Mud Creek," a book published in 1985 by the Wolfville Historical Society:
"Jehiel DeWolf, Jr., and Amasa Bigelow, sons of pioneers, are supposed to have been the pioneer builders at Mud Creek. DeWolf built a barque of 200 tons and a brig of 100 tons, but he moved on to New York and became a merchant there. After Amasa Bigelow was killed at work on a vessel in 1799, his son Daniel carried on the yard. In 1815, he built the Emily, a schooner of 96 tons, later rerigged as a brig, and took her to the Grand Banks for cod. The cod, dried on flakes of wood stretched out on the field behind his house, was then taken to the West Indies and exchanged for rum, molasses, oranges and coconuts." (My italics here; he wasn't a DeWolf, but he certainly seemed involved in the triangle, and I wonder what ws left out of the list. Sigh.)
The book also names a couple of other Nova Scotia DeWolfs who owned schooners, and I have no doubt some of them were involved in the trade to some extent.

Secondly, another update: I'm on vacation this week, and today BB and I were able to go to the Cook County building downtown, to get  copies of his 1981 divorce decree. It's the last thing I actually needed to gather for my naturalization application, and it was one very big "to do" on my list. Now for the filling out of forms, the signing of the big-ass check, since it costs to become American, and the posting of the package....

Thirdly, something that made me smile. BB and I got the chance last Friday to go out and have a proper sit down dinner at a local Irish/British-style sorta-pub in Evanston. It was wonderful, and we just had a blast chatting away. We'd just spent 15 minutes talking about comic books and movies - specifically how much we liked Iron Man and how many teams the Hulk had been on (early Avengers, and the Defenders, with Doctor Strange, the Black Knight and the Valkyrie. What?) - and BB got a funny look on his face.

"Considering what we've just spent 15 minutes talking about, it's a pretty good thing I can also reference Paul Tillich in conversation," says he.


And finally? Doctor Who, Series Four, Episode 12. Holy crap, y'all. That is all.
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