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Zygons and Work Weeks and More, Oh, My ...

This week's been better than last week. It's not less busy, mind, since I had a meeting last night, one tonight, a union meeting tomorrow night and a staff meeting tomorrow afternoon (gah) plus a union-company meeting Thursday afternoon. But the week doesn't yet seem as out of control and unpleasant as it did at this time last week. Of course, given the two union meetings, that could always change, but I'm choosing to look at the good side of the coin right now.

I've been thinking about The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion, and trying to get my somewhat ambivalent thoughts in order. I haven't read a lot of what folks on my f'list have thought about both of them, and only a few reviews elsewhere, although I have commented on at least one comm about some of the problems I had, structure-wise. The societal commentary, and what that might mean to viewers in England and Europe, resonates ever so slightly differently to me, as a North American, although North America, particularly the U.S., has its own questionable responses to refugees, so I may be processing it differently than my friends on the other side of the Atlantic, or Down Under. I don't know yet. What I do know is that, once more, I found the second episode better than the first episode; with the exception of The Woman Who Lived, which I thought was less well put together than The Girl Who Died, each of this season's Part 2s have struck me as stronger than this seasons Part 1s. And that's not something I would ever have expected. The other thing I'll say is that I am absolutely in awe of Peter Capaldi, and of Twelve. I'm also so pleased with Coleman and Clara this season, and I will miss both of them very much when they go. 

Anything else? Yes, I got exercises done again; go, me!

A final thought: the level of self-deception on the part of the 3,546 GOP candidates who still think they can be president just reminds me that most members of that party don't really live in the real world.  At least two of the original five Democratic candidates woke up and smelled the coffee, if one could say nothing else about them. 

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