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Back in the Birthday Saddle

While my brother visited (he's gone now, but I hope to have some pictures to post soon), and in the day or two before he arrived, I was too scattered, nervous, or busy to sit down and make posts. And my birthday wishes have suffered. I hope to correct that here. 

First, to a fellow Chicagoan and new livejournal acquaintance, with whom I have been rudely distant - strannik01 - had a birthday on Sept. 28, more than a week ago. They're someone I have a gut feeling that I need to know better - they're certainly in my city, and in my chosen career, and ... hey, I just celebrated a milestone birthday, too - I hope your day went well (I know you had some truly interesting thoughts about it) - and I hope the coming year is free of worries and full of accomplishments. And perhaps someday, we can meet!

[personal profile] promethia_tenk  celebrated on Oct. 1. What can I say about the singular, the amazing, the witty and perceptive, [personal profile] promethia_tenk ? Nothing that does her justice. She makes me think harder (about Who, of course, but about other things, too), and she makes me laugh, and I certainly hope that her natal anniversary went swimmingly. I am so very lucky to have met you on the Intarwebz, and I hope that I can continue to benefit from knowing you!

A former Chicago denizen who has made a fantastic life for himself out on the left coast, 
[personal profile] rmjwell , celebrated his personal turn of the year on Oct. 1. He is a very wise man, and a good father and spouse, and his burlesque photography is flashy and fun to see. We miss seeing you in the Midwest, but we all hope you had an excellent birthday!

[personal profile] supergee  celebrated a birthday. He's one of the fans I first me in the Usenet Days of Yore, on RASFF, then through his fanzines, sent the classic way, through the U.S. Post Office (it's a great idea, you young'uns should try it) and finally in real life. He's wise and kind, and I only occasionally disagree with him. I hope that he gets to celebrate many more birthdays with the people he loves, in the world he loves to observe. 

And finally, one of the lovely people I've known the longest online - a guardian of history, a Who fan, and a delight to have met long ago, on Television Without Pity, heatherbelles, is celebrating today (or, given the time difference, is just finishing the celebration.) May the day have been all you hoped it would be, and may the coming year be even more wonderful than you can imagine!

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