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Master Fic List

Doctor Who

Single Chapter Stories

Third Doctor

Ladies Living Sequentially (LJ)
Armagnac at 4 a.m. (LJ)
A Vein of Silver (LJ)
Separate Journeys, Similar Destinations (LJ)
Osculatory Escapology (LJ)
Shadows on the Piazza (LJ)
Kate and the Jo Grant Spinach Strategy (LJ)
Layer Quake (LJ)

Fourth Doctor
Cooking with Gallifreyans (LJ)

Ninth Doctor
Dreaming in Color
A Slight Change of Plan
Fire Escape (LJ)
Sea Change
Nightmare (LJ)
Scarlett Junction (LJ)
Com Estrelas (LJ)
Wind and the Rotor's Rhythm (LJ)
Gossamer (LJ)
A Table of Content (LJ)
Wind From the Sea, Waves on the Shore (LJ)
Lazuline Hall (LJ)
Ice Like Centuries (LJ)
There's No "I" in Team. There May, However, Be Idiots (LJ)
Dam-busting (LJ)
Kiss to Build a Dream On (LJ)
Of All Her Pictures, The Finest of His Mistress (LJ)
Advice From the Moon (LJ)
Tree of Life (LJ)
Itemized Bar Serviettes and Stylish Greatcoats (LJ)
The Way of Some Days (LJ)
Dreams of Home (LJ)
Leap of Faith (LJ)
Book Learning (LJ)
Roundabout and Home (LJ)
Stars in Their Crowns (LJ)
Fashion No Show (LJ)
Remedial Risibility (LJ)

Tenth Doctor
A Lesson in Blue (LJ)
Doctor Spin
Broken Koan (LJ)
The Politesse of Love and Flight (LJ)
Binary (LJ)
Copper Armour for Miss Jones (LJ)
Matched Set (LJ)
Demeter Walks (LJ)
Separate Journeys, Similar Destinations (LJ)

Eleventh Doctor
They Last Longer (LJ)
Double Dose (LJ)
Wash Day (LJ)
Mōkṣa (LJ)
Stars Go Out, Stars Explode, Stars Burn Bright (LJ)
Single, Double, Triple (LJ)
Dream Weaver (LJ)
Miss Jones and the Good Egg (LJ)
Missing Pictures (LJ)
Unto Us the Future (LJ)
The Bones (LJ)
Anatomical Differences (LJ)
A Rose Read, A River Run (LJ)
Moggies and N-Dimensional Mishaps (or Kawaii You Gotta Do Me This Way?) (LJ)
Walking It Out (LJ)
The Benefits of Being on the Shelf (LJ)
Ports of Call (LJ)
New York Minute (LJ)
Beautiful Dreamers (LJ)
How to Gather Rosebuds
Fire Sale (LJ)
Lunchtime at the Zoo (LJ)
Stoney End (LJ)
Despatches From the Rear (LJ)
Ladies Living Sequentially (LJ)
Lambent  (LJ)
Through A Glass, Sideways (LJ)
Doctors and Nurses (LJ)
Floral Makeup and Other Follies (LJ

Twelfth Doctor
The Bright Side of Time (LJ)
How to Fall, How to Rise (LJ)
Through a Glass, Sideways (LJ)
Founding of the Firm (LJ)
Encounter at the Rembrandt Hotel (LJ)

Breath (LJ)
Interstellar Botany (LJ)
Favor For a Friend (LJ)

Thirteenth Doctor
The Pillars of Creation (LJ)
Cesium and Desist (LJ)
Copper Etchings (LJ)

Sarah Jane Adventures
A Light in the Dark (LJ)
Carbon, Earth and Stardust (LJ)

Triptych (LJ)
Going Out With the Tide (LJ)

Multi-Chapter Stories
Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region

Sapphire and Steel
Green, Red and Gold, and Blue Follows (On LJ)
Hearth and Soul (On LJ)
Some Trouble with Silverware (On LJ)  .
The Bright Side of Time (On LJ)

Ruby and the Good Time (On LJ)
Dreaming of a Sea of Stars (On LJ)
A Vein of Silver (LJ)

Shadows on the Piazza (LJ)

Narwhals LJ)

Layer Quake (LJ)
Plant-Based Diatribe (LJ)

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Take Out (On LJ).
Monsters and Mentors (On LJ)
Daughters (On LJ)
Encounter at the Rembrandt Hotel (On LJ)
Beer and Skittles (On LJ)
Conversation on the Verandah (LJ)
So What. Big Deal (LJ)
Favor For a Friend (LJ)

The Goblin Emperor
Overhead From the Shadows (on LJ)
The Giving and Receiving of Warmth (on LJ)
Song from the Western Marshes (on LJ)
Ulishenathaän (on LJ)

How to Gather Rosebuds (LJ)
Timing, As Always, Is Everything (LJ)
Filial Dreaming (On LJ)

The Shadow of the Tower A Falcon at Stoke Field (LJ)
Buckaroo Banza/MCU So What. Big Deal. (LJ)

Time and Tide: "Waters of Mars" (On LJ)
Steven and Russell and How to Make Jewelry: Thoughts on Moffat and Davies (On LJ)
Angels Unaware:  "Flesh and Stone" (On LJ)
Here There Be No Dragons. You Will Be Saved:
"Curse of the Black Spot" (On LJ)
Bigger on the Inside: "The Doctor's Wife" (On LJ)
Dance Me To the End of Love: "Let's Kill Hitler" (On LJ)
The Covenant of Amy Pond:
"The Girl Who Waited (On LJ)
Empty Rooms: "The God Complex" (On LJ)
Boxes and Paradoxes: River Song is Not a Psychopath (On LJ)
Sonnet for Canaan (On LJ)
Sherlock: A Question of Time. Or Perhaps Geometry (On LJ)
Before the Angels Come; pre-"The Angels Take Manhattan" (On LJ)
Stars, Survivors, and Pomegranate Seeds: Jacqueline Angela Suzette Prentice and The One Who Stole Her Daughter (On LJ)
Under Pressure: Season 08 (On LJ)

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