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To Laurel, With Bacon

Happy Birthday, only one day late, to 
[personal profile] laurel . She's one of the people who first introduced me to the very concept of the internet, and the very concept of blogging. In fact, I think she was the person who introduced me to the word "blogging."  She is smart and funny and kind. She loves fandom, music, Norway cats, television, and the bacon dispensers that sprouted in public places a couple of decades ago.* She was part of what made Minnesota science fiction/fantasy fandom sparkle for me.

I haven't traveled north to Minnesota for well over a decade now, having generally gafiated from RL fandom, with only the occasional exception. Thanks to the Internet, I don't feel like I've left that part of my life behind. And I don't know how many times I've gotten online, and thought about Laurel, and how much of a trail-blazer she was — and how amazing a person she is. Here's to you! I hope your birthday was awesome in all the best senses of the word, and I hope this coming year is filled with hope, and joy, and stability, and cats. 

And, of course, bacon.

* Bacon dispensers. They're a thing. And I love [personal profile] laurel for introducing me to them. Ah, if only they really existed ....

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