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Dept. of Communication (and Birthdays)

Hello, How Are You, Happy Birthday

This May I managed to lose track of people's birthdays toward the latter half of the month. To those of you whose natal anniversary is weeks past, I'll simply proffer hellos, and wishes that the month has treated you particularly well. To those of you whose birthday I've managed to come closer to actually matching -- why, Happy Birthday!

[personal profile] calapine , whose birthday was May 9, still occasionally drops by these parts; she's an excellent writer and has a very good sense of humor. Happy May!

[personal profile] radiolaires , who is not only sweet and thoughtful, but a tremendously gifted artist with words and images, celebrated on May 21. Right now, I have a wonderful drawing of hers - River and the Twelfth Doctor, at ease with each other standing next to the TARDIS console - as my wallpaper. Every thing she creates makes the day brighter for me when I experience them. Happy belated birthday, my dear!

[personal profile] peoppenheimer 's birthday was on May 22. I very much appreciate his occasional appearances, and his thoughts about the world and philosophy, although I readily admit that my magpie mind lacks the focus and discipline to keep up with him. May this year be particularly good to you.

[personal profile] lydy 's birthday was on May 24, and sorry I am to have missed it. Sorry I am not to have seen her in too many years and, sadly, it will probably be a few more years until I see her again. I hope your birthday was a good one, and may this year be full of friends, free of unfriends, and also full of whatever you find good and true. 

[personal profile] sallymn  is another May 24 birthday person, and I hope that she had a great one. I have so enjoyed your recent series of beautiful music recordings, I always enjoy your icons, and your thoughts. I am very glad to know you - belated Happy Birthday.

green_maia celebrated on May 28; although I don't see her around as much as I used to, it is always rewarding when I do, whether it's discussion of books, of poetry, of nature - her love of nature has reminded me to observe and treasure it just a little more myself - or favorite television series. Happy Birthday!

Long, long ago, acidpenguin46 used to visit LJ. I don't know where she is these days, but I hope her birthday celebrations yesterday were wonderful. She shares a birthday with my mother, so I have extra reason to remember hers. Many happy returns!

And finishing out the month, the redoubtable belsum celebrated today. I trust that everyone in your family treated you to a wonderful day, and if you're ever down in the Chicago area again, we'd love to see you. Happy birthday!

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