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Delayed Mother's Day, or Why I Love My Family

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Yes, this is exactly what it looks like - more action figures for my mantelpiece! I am such a lucky geek! And now BB has his very own favorite Doctor in the collection. Heh.

This gift had another facet to it, one that makes it just a little weird and important at the same time.

FB got the figures and the plush talking Dalek key chain fobs (!!) from a friend who was selling some of her collection, in order to raise money for her dad's medical care. When I heard that, my heart ached a bit, so I focused on the fact that when Andy, Emily and BB pooled their money to get these wonderful things for me, they weren't just making me squee like an idiot - they were helping this young woman and her family. But I sort of feel like I should be willing to give them back to her for free; it's weird. I feel as if I'm benefiting from someone's sorrow.

But they are so fantastic, and I hope the young woman can take some comfort from knowing that they went to a very welcoming home.

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