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We finished watching Shigatsi wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) tonight. It's been a while since an anime made me cry at the same time it made me happy, at least in the way this did. The key scenes, where Kousei plays the Chopin (I think it was Chopin) were inspired visually, audibly, artistically, in every possible way. This one jumped to my all-time top-whatever; it jumped to BB's list as well. Damn. Now I have to go looking for icons. 

I learned from our friend Jack that a mutual friendly fannish-ish acquaintance (he was fannish, but I don't think he was ever quite in fandom, although he worked in some Chicago-area fannish publications at least a few years ago) has died, quite unexpectedly. It had been quite some time since I last saw Jim Wilson - our social paths deviated, as happens; in fact the last time I saw him was when we attended the memorial for his mother. After that, he sent me a couple of emails in subsequent years. A couple I responded to; the last one, a couple of years ago, I never got around to. Yet another lesson in life and death. Jim was a bright, soft-spoken man, with issues I suspect he wrestled with constantly, but also with a love of writing, movies, and media that lit up his face when he talked about any of it. I was glad to know him and I am sad that I won't see him again. In completely happier new, I am panic-stricken to realize that I have forgotten to wish a happy birthday to [personal profile] james_davis_nicoll  back on the 18th. Is there some portmanteau wherein we can mash up "laconic" and "loquacious"? No? Then james_nicoll will have to do. 

And dear lord, minnehaha K - you are another year wiser today, no? Yes! Many happies to you, with much travel, enough rest when needed, lovies, reading, historical societies, good food, plants and plantings, friends and life lived in full!

Also, Agents of SHIELD continues to be, as far as I'm concerned, awesome.
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