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 Once Upon a Time Two Fans Met Online

It was a long time ago - way back in 2006, as I recall; I'd just rediscovered Dr. Who, and with it, a world of online fans. 

One of the loveliest fans I met in that heady time was a young woman then living in New York, and making her way in and around the theater world. She was bright, talented, fierce, intelligent, opinionated, kind, and quite amazing in every way. We got to know each other as we obsessed over Who, and over Battlestar Galactica. She wrote creative and beautiful fan fiction and she helped me feel as if I could get back into fiction writing myself. She sang; she acted; she learned, then learned how to teach, sign language. She started down one road in life, then successfully changed her route, and didn't let anything stop her when she finally figured out what she wanted to do. We commiserated over the tough spots in our lives, and rejoiced together in the successes. 

In short, she was awesome. 

Time went by, and she moved to Boston with her new husband, and we gradually fell out of contact, about 99 percent of which was because I am horrible at keeping up with people.

But she is is still awesome, and I still think her birthday should be just as awesome. My dear, may the coming year be fruitful, and creative, and filled with love and wonder. (And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get off my tintype and get back in touch!)

Happy, Happy Birthday, my dearest lyricalviolet
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