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Dept. of Post-Snow Vacation

A Good Monday, and a Busy Tuesday

Yesterday I kept meaning to sit down and post, because I had exciting news to tell you (well, for various pedestrian powers of exciting.) Remember my tale of pedal woe regarding winter boots, and the supposed loss of the one that didn't need to be fixed, just after I got the other boot fixed? Well, I found the other boot, hiding in a dusty corner of our rear stairwell. You have no idea the amount of rejoicing this engendered. Or perhaps you do, if you know my ability to be chuffed with the slightest positive happening.

Because our section of Chicago got 21 plus inches of snow, in what turned out to be the fifth largest snowfall in the city's recorded history, those boots came in handy. BB and I suited up and grabbed snow shovels, heading out to our tiny Hyundai. As I'd suspected, it was well and truly buried. Luckily, there was room behind it, thanks to someone else parking far back of our rear, for us to dig out. BB had to bow out early because his back did not approve of this shoveling shit, but I continued; the sky was a gorgeous deep blue that you don't normally see in winter, our cat-loving next-door neighbor and friend Marianne came out to help me dig (she'd already helped about five other people) and we had a lovely chat as we plugged away. Eventually, I decided that getting it three-quarters dug out would do for the day (and Marianne ordered me in after I got a little dizzy; my lungs finally had decided to close up just a little in the cold and I hadn't really noticed, so ... lack of oxygen).

A little later, I walked to the grocery store to get items for today, since we're having FB and Miss Emily over for goose (I think I mentioned that earlier); it was an extremely enjoyable walk, despite having a load to carry back for about five city blocks, because everyone I
met, from the grocery store vegetable department employee to folks maneuvering through the snow on the sidewalk, was cheerful and friendly, in that "hey, we all got snowed on, and now we're trying to deal with it, isn't it neat that we're sharing the experience?"  way that snowstorms spark.

Back in the kitchen, I have bread pudding and dressing to make beforehand (one doesn't stuff a goose; it's just too damned greasy, so you put potatoes and apples and prunes and oranges into the cavity to soak up the grease and give it a little flavor, then you get rid of those items because they're kind of inedible. So you make a separate dressing as a side dish.).

Once the bird goes in, about 1 p.m. our time, I'll indulge in some computer neepery on my work Mac. I have to use Thunderbird, which I installed for this purpose only, to unzip and upload my archived old Google work mail into a new Google mail account. I've talked at monotonous length about that in previous posts, so I won't go on about it here. And then Bob will help me get rid of all my Firefox profiles on my personal laptop, and build a new basic one, with none of the bells and whistles that we normally put in our profiles, so that, with any luck, Firefox will stop being a bear to operate in. It started being a bear about three days ago, and updating the browser only made it worse. We (or I, really) suspect that it's the profile; grumble, grumble.)

In more fannish news, we watched more Korra last night.

We're in the middle of the third season; both BB and I are wondering at the lack of closure from the end of Season 2 ... strike that. Argh: just discovered that we didn't watch the last episode of Season 2 because we somehow didn't acquire it. That explains a lot. How embarrassing.

We're also well into Durarara, and I can say with certitude that I have never disliked a character more, never solemnly yet feverishly wish for a character's downfall, more than I do Izaya. (I do occasionally remain amazed at my ability to become emotionally connected to 2D characters, but only occasionally. It's me, and that's that.)

And now it's back to the kitchen, although I'm going to move my laptop to the dining room so that I can post throughout the day. And I hope to trawl through my friends' list to find out what y'all have been doing.

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