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Department of Not Quite

Late Night Maunderings
    I should, by all that's logical, be reasonably pleased with today. I manhandled an old mattress out of our rather inadequate storage area today, (left it in the Alley Boutique, where it should be picked up by someone with a need. I love Chicago's backstreet barter system), got a bunch of things out of the house and into the resulting free space, fixed a broken earring, didn't overeat quite as much as I normally do on the weekends, and hung out on TWoP. I really have little about which to complain.
    Except that Bob has been ill today, a particularly bad spell that left him in bed for most of the day. I'd been looking forward to spending time with him. We're both used to coping with the illness, but it still sucks. He's up and better tonight, but I still feel bad for him. And Bob and I did take a lovely walk around the neighborhood at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. It was a spur of moment thing, and I'm glad we got to do it, particularly since the rest of Saturday was a bit of a squib.
Still, I just can't shake a little bit of malaise - or rather something that's unpleasantly enervating, but so subtle it really doesn't rise to the threshold of malaise.Perhaps should probably go to bed; better to sleep than feel sorry for one's self for no reason.
    I've noticed lately that I'm becoming very easily irritated by television, in the sense that listening to the sound of it is very unpleasant. I hadn't noticed it consciously until a few days ago. I think it's more a sensory thing than an issue of content. The ads seem so loud and harsh to my ears; the repetition of mindless urgings to buy, buy, buy have made me irritable even when the ads are sophisticated or witty.
    Come to think of it, there is a content component as well.
    Around here, we tend to watch only a few channels, (SciFi, WTTW and WYSE, Chicago's two main public television outlets, Discovery, Cartoon Network, Bravo and Turner Classic Movies, with occasional forays into Comedy Central), and our late night television tends to be Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. At that time of day, CN generally offers "Robot Chicken," "Family Guy,", "Metalocalypse," "Home Movies," and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."  And until recently, I've enjoyed each of these little shows (and by little I mean that a number of them are only 15 minutes long.) I can appreciate well done, artistically and thematically idiosyncratic pieces of twisted,post-ironic slacker generation sophomoric brilliance.
     Apparently, however, my tolerance for idiosyncratic post-ironic etc. etc. isn't infinite.
    That stuff can really erode one's sense of civility, and sincerity, and honest affection for other people. I may be my own proof that I'm healthier when I haven't over-dosed on artifice.
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