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Excellence in Duplicate

Happy Birthday (just one day late) to the admirable [personal profile] clocketpatch , someone who knows the challenges of cold winters, the joys of fanfic, the lure of traveling, the allure of strange but adorable little cats, and so much more that makes her a person I am so glad to know. I hope your birthday was a good one, that Tucker did not climb any curtains, and that you weren't knee deep in snow - and that the coming year is great!

Today is also the birthday of one other person, whose honor it is to know and send wishes to, even though those wishes may have to travel far, since she doesn't appear to be posting a lot these days:

[personal profile] lonewytch writes wonderful stories, thinks deeply about many things, and has gotten through bumps in life that I know would leave me completely unable to cope. And yet I've seen her cope. Talented, strong, and a joy to know - I hope your birthday signals that the coming year will be good for you!

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