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Better, better, better

Yesterday was not good, for a variety of reasons. Not horrid, but unpleasant.

First, was this news, which I got via the community [community profile] fucking_meds . If you don't want to hit the links, it's the news that the FDA has changed hydrocodone, an artificial codeine that both BB and I take regularly to handle chronic pain, from one level of controlled drug, per American law, to being considered a more restricted form of narcotic. For really rather stupid reasons. BB had already known some of this, because his pain doctor had already warned him changes were coming, but we hadn't realized that this would also affect me. I use codeine every day, but at a minimal level, and we thought I'd be able to avoid the incredibly demeaning "contract" that doctors must now force patients to sign (of which [personal profile] blueraccoon  speaks at her DW. I will not go on the Pain and the U.S. Medical Mindset now, because jesus whipporwill, you don't need to read that. But yes indeed, that news was a big downer for us.
And then I completely fucked up my bread-making. Again. Even with a new recipe. I've lost - temporarily, I'm sure - my break making mojo. And since I love making bread, it was particularly galling to see the two whole wheat/cracked wheat bricks that I turned out. I think I know what happened. I over mixed the yeast-milk mixture into the first batch of flour; the yeast didn't get a chance to bloom properly because the gluten in the flour got activated too soon - but knowing (or suspecting) after the fact does not an edible bread loaf make. So it's back to the drawing board on that.

And BB was feeling under the weather, and we both found Dr. Who disappointing (although discussions I'm having today with folks like [personal profile] owlboy  and [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon  may help me see the story in a slightly less harsh light), and so, yeah, Saturday? Sort of sucked.

On the other hand, today it is not sucking.

We went out and did a successful slipper swap at Costco (we got a new pair for me, and they were too large); FB came over briefly and played me recordings of songs he's doing with a new band he's jamming with, which was pleasant, especially since he also indicated that he and Emily are working out ways to deal with having to pay for his car repairs.Hurrah for maturity! And I got the chance to listen to Brazilian bossanova, do a couple more sentences on Chap. 24, get some prompts to do darkfic (as an exercise in doing things I'm not comfortable with) from the aforementioned and wonderful [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon , figured out what to do with the bread bricks, and let BB gently nurse me out of my foul mood.

So all in all? A decent recovery of the weekend. And tonight, more Avatar, I hope.

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