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Dear Sweet Lord, I'm Tired

I didn't even get up all that early today, but I had to get two stories done before 3 p.m., the official end of my week (hurrah!) so that I could jump in the car and get to Costco to do some last minute shopping. We had a young couple over for dinner, and I'd planned to bake a pie and do various things, but they let us know they were arriving earlier than most of our guests normally do, so I was incredibly rushed, dashed through Costco in 15 minutes or so (only to discover that they didn't have everything I needed for the pie), but I figured I'd stop by another grocery on the way home, no problem, thought I.

And then? Traffic. I don't even want to talk about the traffic. So I won't.

I got back after the guests had arrived; luckily, they were both lovely about it. We'd attended their wedding and had asked them to come over as sort of a not-wedding gift, and they were much more patient about the whole horrible timing than I might have been in their place. Still, it was nice to see them again; we knew Tabitha from when she was a kindergartener with FB, and her wife Amanda went out briefly with FB, so I'm glad they didn't think we were  horrible hosts.

But I am absolutely drained. I'm leaving all the cleaning to tomorrow. BB and I are watching some anime right now, and then I'm going to collapse in bed. Which, of course, you all needed to know.

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