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Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

I think birthdays are notable anniversaries. We can like or dislike them, but they are our own form of time travel. The first time the earth traveled completely around the sun after you were born, it returned to the place it was when you were born.That's a long journey, and one it makes repeatedly. It amuses me to think of it as the earth returning to acknowledge the importance of everyone born when it was last at any given point on its rounds. We're part of the earth's journey, repeatedly. We're part of its team.

Which is why I like to acknowledge birthdays, even if my acknowledgements come late.

Happy Birthday, sarah531; you celebrated on March 31, and I hope you did it in good health, with friends and family, in the way you enjoy the most. Here's to much more fannish enjoyment of Dr. Who, movies, interesting crafts and other fascinating things!

[personal profile] silverr 's natal day was April 1. Happy belated birthday - I always enjoy your comments when I see them (and one of the reasons that fandom_secrets is a new favorite communities) and I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Here's to you, lauraenright - your birthday was April 4, and I'm pretty sure you had a good time. I wish you much more success in your writing career, and still hope we can sit down and watch some Dr. Who together (even if you're not a Moffat fan, we can put our differences on the shelf and catch Capaldi as the 12th, perhaps.

mizzlaurajean also celebrated on April 4, and I trust that you had a good day with friends and family. Here's to your energy, determination, intelligence, sense of humor, work ethic, imagination and pure awesomeness!

The stylish, gently sardonic, and witty [personal profile] mishalak celebrated on April 8 - I wish you a year of good recipes, good beer, good company, love and loads of interesting thoughts.

And the long-vanished [personal profile] stickykeys633 also celebrated on April 8. At least I hope she did - it's been a long time since she was in any corner of teh Intarwebz that I inhabit, but I still remember her no-nonsense attitude toward life, her fiercely gentle philosophy and her wit. Happy Birthday, wherever you are.

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