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Every Syllable Counts

I didn't manage big numbers today, but I got another 300 or so words completed, and noted in doing so that one of my characters has undergone yet another physical blow. This means I need to work fast to get that character some help. All in all, I think we're still on track. Go, us! Er .. me. I meant me. I certainly wouldn't be speaking on behalf of imaginary characters.

I also made about 80 of the most intensely chocolate cookies I've ever made, tiny little things that pack a punch. Don't take my word for it; BB also pronounced them dangerous. The amusing thing is that the recipe was from the back of a baker's chocolate box. I, however, am going to adjust it slightly and put it on a recipe card. It's a winner.

More food porn (at least from my point of view, although others might not like the results); yesterday I made savory french toast with a mushroom and sausage sauce to put over it. Although BB and I ultimately agreed that savory french toast should be discarded in favor of thin pancakes or crepes in future, we did like the sauce. Today, I used the remainder of it to bake some chicken in; then I sauteed some brussel sprouts and about a half tablespoon of minced cooked chicken chorizo along with grated lime rind, a splash of lemon juice, a teaspoon of whole mustard seed and about 1.5 T of butter, then added some bamboo shoots. I roasted some potato wedges in a ready-to-use pouch of garlic rosemary sauce, and that was Sunday dinner.

And finally, I know that spring is here, because BB shaved off his beard. It was a tremendous beard, white and patriarchally long, but seeing his gorgeous face is wonderful.

Also, did I mention that my damn lenses still aren't here? FFUUUUUUUU .....

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