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On Being Behind One's Self

Which I certainly seem adept at. No, more than adept, say gifted at getting behind myself. I suppose it's one way of time traveling. Still, I'd love to be less adept at that, and more adept at being a regular poster.

But first: Happy Birthday, maruad! May Winnipeg winter treat you and yours well, may you continue to show up with well-timed and wise observations about life and painting, and may this year be very, very good to you.

Happy birthday to you, too, [personal profile] jessalrynn ; I hope today was an excellent day, and that the year will be equally excellent.

Since I last posted anything but birthday wishes and fanfic I had my first non-family-fun-and-or-emergency paid vacation since 2009. It was pretty darned enjoyable. I alphabetized my CDs, (What? Haven't you ever been bored? Haven't you ever had shelves to put up?)  Aren't you boringly domestic, like me?) I ordered my first ever custom measured blinds to replace the broken ones in my dining room, and am being completely June Allyson-like when I go and stand in front of them and glow with domestic satisfaction. And along the same domestic lines, I baked whole wheat bread and chocolate cake with the help of my beautiful red mixer.

In somewhat more notable news, FB moved out (again), and is, for the first time, sharing a place with a roomie. It's working! Much of his stuff is still here, because this place is temporary, until he and the new non-crazy girlfriend move in together in July. We have the kittehz still, because his new room mate is violently allergic to cats. And speaking of kittehz, we finally took Phil to the vet, to have his sore and stinky mouth looked at. As we thought, he had a low level infection, which is being taken care of by virtue of daily dosings with antibiotics. Oh, how he loves that. Once he has completed the meds, we take him back in, test him to make sure it's safe to put him under anaesthesia, and then the vet will clean his teeth, and remove the ones that are going bad. Poor Phil - but he already seems better, so the cleaning, etc. can only help more.

And now I'm going to collapse into bed. I'm really good at collapsing.

(About that fanfic. I'm still kind of bemusedly chuffed; after a full frakkin' year without progress on Hearts & Moons, I got two chapters of 4,000 or so words each out. What's frustrating, of course, is that about 11.5 of the past 12 months went into writing the first chapter, and two weeks went into realizing I needed to break the chapter in two and writing the last 3,000 words of the second chapter. Simply terrible. And now on to the next chapter ....)

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