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Dept. of Winter Fun

Mad Social Butterflies, That's Us.
(Or why little cars and big snowdrifts don't go well together)


Bob and I were going down to see a radio play (yes, you can see a radio play. Hush) for which FB was being the foley guy and his most excellent girlfriend as taking part.

We got down to the theater. We looked for parking. 10 minutes before the curtain goes up, we find a spot - hurrah! Er ... no. It's permit parking. Well, that means we put our little Hyundai into reverse and find anot-

Scratch that. We put our car in reverse. And we get it stuck. In the snow. That's piled up all over Chicago.

We have a tiny shovel (since it's only 1.5 feet long, I suppose it's more of an entrenching tool. ) We get out. We shovel. The guy in the house next to where we've well and truly embedded ourselves in a drift comes out with a shovel ... says 'Hi!' ... and shovels his already clear steps. Then goes back in.

Half an hour later, the radio play is obviously not happening. But ... BUT ... we haven't killed each other, either with multitudinous "I told you so" comments or the entrenching tool. And we do get the car out.

(And someone actually stops on his way home and asks if we need help. He's a young fellow, weedy and thin, all dressed up, who could easily have passed us by, but who didn't. And he makes up for the other man. In fact, he restores a bit of my faith in humanity. We don't need his help by then, but I tell him he was our good luck charm.)

And we head home, while I text my son, hold back just a few tears and promise myself some hot chocolate and some codeine for my head when I get home. And I had the hot chocolate and codeine, and I think I'm going to head for bed now.

Do BB and I know how to have fun, or what?

In other news, we saw Thor: The Dark World the other night and enjoyed it with the exception of the fridging of one character and the slightly phone-it-in feel of Anthony Hopkins' performance.

If I can get through this week, I have a week of vacation! Woo-hoo!

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