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Dept. of Slow Success

Five, Count'em, Five!

I'm up to a massive five fics written for [community profile] fandom_stocking . Yay! I really mean that, too. Especially given today, which was cold, snowy, and full of professional frustration.

(Hey, you try going out and freezing your damned fingers getting pictures and videos in 15 degree weather - did you know how difficult it is to do either with gloves on? I do, and my Reynaud's Syndrome reminded me, painfully - putting said videos together, getting them uploaded as fast as ever you can. And have no one bother to put them online. I'm not blaming my immediate boss, because he's awesome, but there are a lot of other people I can blame, and oh, my, I am.)

So, I'm tired, still recovering from the cold and driving a small car on largely unploughed streets, and wondering exactly when I'll be able to take our gently dying Christmas tree out to its final resting place in the nearest municipal mulch pile.

But I got two more fics done, and another one half started, and an idea for another in the back of my head. For someone who specializes in near glacial pace, this is ... not sucky.

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