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Good Things, Bad Things

Good thing: BB and I finally got the clear plastic insulation up on our bedroom windows. It will be much warmer in the condo as a result, since that's the quadrant of the unit that loses heat the fastest. BB's a rock star for handling most of it.

Bad thing: The boiler room is backed up with sewage. Again. This could have been avoided, if I'd listened to BB when he reminded me that it was time for the building's semi-annual sewer line rodding. But my mind was elsewhere, the rodding didn't get scheduled, and now I have to worry about the water heaters. Again.

Good thing: I was able to get cat food and various other groceries at Costco, and get home, all before the day was too far gone.

Bad thing: my condo association treasurer is balking at having a board meeting and seemed to want me to not get the plumbers out to rod out the building. Having checked the bank account to assure myself he isn't hiding wholesale larceny, and that we do in fact have the money to do what must be done, I sent him a rather sternly worded email saying that we will indeed have a meeting. And now I have to do what I have not wanted to do: get two years of back bank records and go through them to find out why our accounts are ... less than they should be. I have gently pushed at him about this for the past year. I have not pushed as much, or investigated as much, as I should have. But something has just snapped inside me about this. So ... more to put on my to-do for tomorrow.

Good thing: I think I can put together a post Day of the Doctor commentary, even if it's just cobbled together from comments I've made in other peoples' journals.

Bad thing: I'm not sure if I have the creative juices to do [community profile] fandom_stocking , which I had been so looking forward to. It's the one thing in which I take part each year, and I don't do all that much, but it means a lot to me. So not having the juices to create is not a happy thing. I hope it will change.

And finally, Good Thing: I'm here with Bob, and we're going to watch some anime to finish off the weekend. And that's very good. Especially the "with Bob" part.

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