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Saturday Musings

I have been back home for almost two days now. That means I am still soaking up all of Bob and home that I can, luxuriating in familiar surroundings and the joy of being able to talk to him.

I suppose it might be little creepy, at least to some outsiders, how perfectly our styles match; how we're able to finish each others sentences, anticipate each others comments and - most importantly - understand each others sense of humor. But really, it's just ... right. And after having spent almost 10 days with very earnest people, people to whom I could not confide that I thought Mum's gorgeous rose marble urn was really too pretty to be buried, or to whom I could not say "Christ, I'm hungry; thank god for the S&B and their crustless sandwiches!", it was heaven to talk to BB.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I was actually able to make a very mild joke about the urn to Mum's friend Clara when I had luncheon with her - and yes it was a lovely and formal enough lunch to deserve the eon addition. That added immeasurably to my already large love for Clara. And I was also able to snicker about the asparagus pinwheel sandwiches at the reception with my friend Al. I regret not having had any time to visit with him, especially since he'd only returned from Paris at midnight the night before the funeral, and still staggered to make it to the ceremony. I love that man ... but yes, in the main, everyone I dealt with was extremely literal-minded.)

I never did get the martini I'd hoped for on Thursday night. That was because after being up for 16 or so hours, I knew I didn't need the alcohol. Instead, I made a big-ass pot of tea and enjoyed tea Exactly The Way I Want It. It seems strange to say that I didn't have a good cup of tea whilst in Canada, but that was damned near true, with the exception of one cup or so at Just us, and one cup at the reception. There was none to be had at my brother's or at Mum and my step-dad Rob's place. File this under Grumpy Old Broad.

Friday morning, I got up and promptly broke the coffee pot while preparing some coffee for BB. So off I went to the Sally Ann to buy a new-to-me coffee pot. Found a Krups; it lacks the programmable aspect of our old pot, and the pot holds less coffee, but it will definitely do, for $10. 

I also got my hair cut, by my lovely Russian barber lady. She and I agreed on the need for a better medical system, but parted company after something tripped her buttons about how poor people are all poor because they want to take advantage of the generous U.S. safety net, and how, if she could come to this country without a word of English and make a success of herself, why couldn't poor people born here? I didn't push it too much, just suggested that we don't know everyone's story, and that not all people are as strong as her, and that there are good people everywhere. She ultimately smiled and told me "You are romantic baby." I eventually responded, "OK. I'll be your romantic baby customer."

It was good to see [personal profile] gerisullivan  yesterday; she is in town visiting our mutual great friend Jack. Geri is fabulous in all ways, and this visit, she gifted me with 50th anniversary Who stamps. Woo-hoo! Thanks, my dear! And Jack, who once was carnyjack over on LJ, gave me a book on the history of Dr. Who (it's incredibly recent, but I don't have it to hand right now, so I can't give you a proper title.) I plan to hunt him down and thank him profusely as well.

Geri's now at Windycon, a convention in suburban Chicago. BB and I won't be going, because we need time to ourselves, and have fallen out of the habit of cons. Hello to everyone we know out there, though.

I watched the latest Agents of SHIELD last night, and was still impressed. I'm glad I've found folks to squee about the show with, and, although I'm disappointed that at least one person I respect greatly isn't impressed with it, I know that not everyone is going to share my tastes. Besides ... new show! World-building! Relationships! Coulson! May! Jemma (Gemma?)! Skye! Everyone! w00t!!1!

Yes, I'm being silly. I'm happy about that.

It's to be expected, I suppose, but so many things remind me of Mum right now, and I'm feeling oddly guilty about not missing her at the moment. That will fade, I know. I'm thinking of posting the eulogy I wrote for her, sort of as a way of ending all my posts about her death. It'll probably happen.

Now, off to Costco!

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