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Dept. of Ever So Quickly

Things that I have done over the last day or so:

  • Had a very good, sometimes intensely nerve-wracking and ultimately completely worthwhile home visit with my Mum. We picked her up at the hospital Tuesday, pried her from their clutches by 2 p.m., went out for grapenut ice cream cones (our favorites), had supper at home, which I cooked for her and Step-dad Rob, got through some sundown syndrome, got her all her meds, and got through the night. Then we went out for brunch, took another drive through the countryside so that she could drink in the blue sky and summer clouds above the multiple greens of the Valley, and took her back to hospital. I'd give the visit an 8 of 10, despite not having expected to keep having to re-tape her incision dressing four times. (Gah. I am not healer material.)
  • Spent enough time on a bad futon bed,  under enough stress, that I developed a full-on back spasm episode. I'm about half way through it, I estimate, which means lots of drugs tonight. More than I'm currently operating under, I mean. I really, really, really hate back spasms.
  • Had some quiet time with my little brother, and will have more of that tomorrow when I spend my final night here down at his place. I'll get to have time with his current rather dynamic flame, and I'm looking forward to that.
  • Other things: here in Nova Scotia, where so many fishermen fish for so much fish, I had what may have been the worst fish and chips of my entire life, when I took my brother out for supper. I was both relieved and disappointed when he didn't notice the horrible nature of my offering, and indeed thought it was OK. Heh.
I hope to have more pics and even video to post tomorrow. The pics and video have been taken, but uploading the video is proving a bit difficult, and the spasms are starting to get a little hard to take, so I'm about to pack up and go back to the apartment. Thanks again for all of the good thoughts pointed in my mother's direction!

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