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Dept. of Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Back and Forward

Missing a few, catching a few today:

From long ago (by Internet standards, that is; it's actually back on July 26), happy belated birthday to a fine fanfiction writer, 
[personal profile] bendingwind . I hope your day was excellent and that the rest of your year will follow suit. 

From not quite so long ago, many happy returns of Aug. 1, 
[personal profile] tardis_stowaway ! May you have a year that is considerably brighter, happier and more full of pirate jokes and kitties and fanfic and intelligent discussions than you even hoped could happen. I'm glad to have made your acquaintance on these here internetz.

And today it's my pleasure to wish a very happy birthday to shanna_s, who I met over in TWoP's Doctor Who threads, and who always impresses me with her work ethic (published author, singer, choral teacher to Sunday schoolers, dance student and Whovian) and her good humor. May your day and year be creative, productive and fun!

And I'm not going to forget some pending birthdays (yes, that's right; make note of them beforehand and you won't have to worry about missing them entirely):

[personal profile] the_arc5 , I hope you have a most excellent birthday on Aug. 8. I always enjoy your thoughtful comments, and although I don't "see" you around as much as I'd like, I hope to do so in future - and in the meantime, let this year be simply fanTAStic!

Another happy acquaintance from the TWoP DW Meet Market is fellow Who fan and mom ellycatinoz. If you see this, know that I always liked reading your humor-filled comments about Who and life in general. I hope that "life in general" has been being good to you, and that your birthday on Aug. 9 is spectacular for you. 

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