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Dept. of Wiscon

Coming Back to Earth

I had a wonderful, intense day; a late sleep-in, some reading, an hour and a half of volunteering in the consuite, an afternoon of panel and workshop on class issues (yeah, I get excited about this sort of thing), and a fantastic evening at the Guest of Honor dessert salon and Tiptree Award ceremony. I bought a couple of books, had some great conversations with [personal profile] ljgeoff and [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon ... and then I got a computer call from my First Born. He did the thing he needed to do with The Crazy Ex, things went just as well as could be expected, and BB and I will be getting him a bus ticket from Evansville on Tuesday, using up the last of our special money before I had a chance to get something for Bob. FB will be back on our couch for the next little while.

I'm extremely proud of him for reasons; I may be able to provide further explanation, or I may not, but I'm proud.

But on a weekend where I was working to add a few more spoons to my collection, I've just had to give away two or three spoons instead. C'est la vie, c'est la fucking vie.

Still ... good weekend. Good weekend. That's what I'll focus on. Right?

And I'm going home to Bob. That's extremely, very, wonderfully good.

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