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The Universal Law of Packing

Here I am, sitting in the Spring Garden Road branch of the Halifax Public Library; I'm less than 24 hours away from my trip home, I've said my goodbyes to my mother (and can say with cautious optimism that she is on the admittedly long road to recovery) and in a couple of hours will be picked up by my brother, taken to his Sackville home and will sack out until 4 a.m. to start my journey home. I've had a lovely lunch with an old friend, and it's been wonderful.

You know how one almost always forgets something while packing to return home from trips. (You don't? Then you're definitely not from my family.) Well, I was more or less congratulating myself on having only lost/left behind one thing; my favorite dress cardigan, a designer cardigan that I found at Boutique Sally Ann for $4 bucks or so. Simply couldn't find it, even after I went back to a couple of places I might have left it. It's dissipated into thin air, so I shall just revisit the second hand shop and go on a hunt for a new one ... uh ... where was I?

Oh, yes. I was congratulating myself on having packed everything I needed to. And then I opened my computer case to type this post, and realized I left my power cord/adapter 60 miles away, in my mother's apartment. Luckily, there's an electronics store about three blocks from here, on my way to the 6:40 p.m. rendezvous point with Little Brother. And the pouring rain seems to have settled down to nothing more than a cold, unpleasant drizzle. This should mean I should only be extremely damp and not soaked when I get to the rendezvous point.


Ah, well. The trip - despite having been necessitated by something horrible - has gone relatively well, in that I gave my mother comfort as much as possible. I visited her a minimum of two hours every day while I was here, and was able to talk to my brother about how her care will go forward. I'm more optimistic about her recovery, especially her cognitive recovery, than I once was. These are all good things. So getting wet while going to buy a new power cord is an extremely small thing.

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