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Waiting For The Son

It rained a great deal today, which didn't make the day's big chore - going out to my soon-to-be-shut-forever suburban office and packing up everything I want to be sure doesn't get thrown out, and that I might need in my home office - easier, but I don't mind. Andy's about an hour out of Chicago right now, on a Greyhound bus, coming to visit us for five days during spring break.

He called us last night to tell us, and I couldn't' believe how excited I was about it. We "see" him several times a week, thanks to Google hangout chats - I do love living in the future (remember all the talk about video phones? Well, that's what Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, was talking about) - but somehow knowing he's going to be back here, and that I can give him a big hug, is so much more important.

He's been down in southern Indiana for almost three months. That is the longest he has ever been away from our sides.

And he'll get to help BB and I fix the bathroom plumbing and replace our kitchen garbage disposal - yay!


He's coming home to dozens of pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread, and lasagne. I went rather kitchen crazy this weekend.

And the weekend itself was very good, rain and less than stellar weather notwithstanding. Last night my beloved made Manhattans (last weekend it was martinis ... never before have I enjoyed martinis) and we listened to loads of jazz, and laughed a lot, and I completely forgot to worry or be depressed. It was all rather wonderful.

And in about an hour, we'll go down to the Greyhound Station and pick up Andy. A great way to end Sunday.

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