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Dept. of Futzing About

Snow Time Like the Present

... to avoid actually doing some work, by posting about things that I like to do, or watch, or think about. Given that unpleasant things have just happened at work, and that potentially unpleasant things might be happened chez condo association, which I need to tackle and really don't want to, this is the only logical reaction, yes?

In which I'm kind of bendy.

But first, a little sign that [personal profile] kaffyr can be flexible. Over on LJ, after being prompted enough times to "try the new friends page/news feed/foofaraw" I decided to hell with it. The PTB are going to force me to use their damned feed style eventually, so I might as well switch to it before they do it for me. I was able to customize the page a little, again as the PTB said I'd be able to. It's still ugly as hell, and folks who can't read a lot of white space without getting headaches, etc., seem to be out of luck unless they can download separate extension, but at least it isn't butt-ugly on my page. And I did it before I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the new scheme. Somehow that makes me feel better.

Second ... You Guise!!! Steam Powered Giraffe!!!

....and across my friends' list, eyes roll ("Dear lord, she's discovered yet another Thing long after it's lost its cool, and has even engendered a backlash.") and I don't even care. I first learned about them by lurking in the [community profile] fandomsecrets community and seeing secrets about them, and believe me, there are lots of folks who snipe at them. But ... they're fantastic. In my oh, so humble opinion.

They're a band. And robots. And mimes that don't suck. And a theatrical troupe. And purveyors of gorgeous harmonies. And singers of weird little tunes. And robots. And skiffical, fantastical and scientifictional. And steam-powered. And robots (did I mention they were robots? Steam powered robots?) And — for me — they stop nicely and precisely short of preciously twee and stay solidly in the great-for-me zone.

Here. Try some.


And here ...And here ...Carlyle Power Oh, and since I love Robert Carlyle, and I know the delightful </a>a_phoenixdragon kind of shares that love (along with her powerful faunch for Once Upon A Time), I thought I'd present her with this. She may have seen it, or not, but still ... have some Carlyle, my dear!</span>

AAAAAand I can't get the coding right to make this look good. Or get it to crosspost to LJ right. Sorry, folks. Not my day.

Also, the "snow" bit in the headline is because Chicago's getting dumped on, and I'm watching it pile up outside my office window. It's going to be fun heading to negotiations tomorrow morning. Still, there's something cofortable about being inside and watching the snow fall. Until, of course, one starts feeling guilty, and starts wondering about the people who can't get out of the cold. Gah.

Tags: fandom, interesting people, lovely things, music, television, weather, woo-hoo!

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