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Dept. of Not Looking Forward to the Week

What I Managed to Do On My Weekend

After being completely incapable of writing, and certain that I'd post a gigantic goose-egg for [community profile] fandom_stocking, I eventually managed to write seven pieces, for about 7,600 words' worth. I write so slowly these days, and it seems to be so very much harder for me than it used to be,(holy crap, I'm jealous of folks who can bang it out, and do magnificent jobs doing so) but eventually that weird and unexplainable thing that happens somewhere in my brain to allow me to write actually happened. I am reasonably happy with the results. At least one was in a new fandom for me, and I'm hoping the results meet with favor.

I also went to a movie tonight, and I'm glad I did. I watched The Hobbit, and I deem it Very, Very Good. Good enough that it makes me want to reread The Silmarillion and not The Hobbit. Jackson did what I hoped he would, and made the dwarves of Middle Earth believable and filled with honor. It's a lesson he hadn't quite learned with Rhys-Davies and Gimli, son of Gloin. In fact, I think he did what I'd hoped for in general. I'm looking forward to the second movie. Is it out yet?

(I'd probably have more to say, but I'm dead beat, and am going to bed. Tomorrow's going to be a bear, I just know it.)

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