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Dept. of - you guessed it - Birthdays

 Belated Natal Honor Roll

As always, I want to let all of you know that when your birthdays roll by, I think of you and say to myself, "I hope today is particularly good for you, friend, and that the coming year is twice as rewarding, in all ways, as you expect it to be."

Remarkable writer and life-adventurer  [personal profile] lonewytch  celebrated on 2 Dec..
The passionate and talented [personal profile] spiderine  did so Dec. 3.
So did writer, wry observer and patient family captain [personal profile] azalaisdep .
Artist and icon-maker extraordinaire alizarin_skies was born on Dec.4.
Dedicated Minneapolis fan and culinary wise man [personal profile] lsanderson  marked his natal day Dec. 9.
musichick42, of happy TWoP memory saw in another year on Dec. 11.
Artist and storyteller scarfman did the same on Dec. 15 (my brother's birthday - you share your date with a fantastic man!)
Old Moncton friend and fellow cat lover clearlydark celebrated Dec. 18.
The irreplaceable and unique apostle_of_eris joined the world and marked the date on Dec. 21.
Thoughtful SF fan fmsv celebrated on Dec. 22.

To all of you, my best wishes, even if they come late!

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