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Dept. of - you guessed it - Birthdays

It's the Weekend

And it's time to catch up on birthdays!

First, I salute hardworking and disciplined shanna_s, one of Texas' best - dancer, singer, choirmaster and youngster-wrangler, not to mention established novelist. Go, you, and happy birthday, way back on Aug. 7.

Next comes [personal profile] the_arc5 , who had a birthday on Aug. 8 and who writes far too rarely (on LJ, as least) - but always writes incisively when she does; I point you to this commentary, not because she mentions me, I hasten to point out. May we see you around here more often, in this, the newest year of your life!

ellycatinoz, a fine no-nonsense Aussie fan - mom extraordinaire, among many other talents - celebrated her birthday on the same day (Aug. 9) as my Best Beloved. I hope your birthday was excellent!

Just yesterday, on Aug. 10,  the talented and witty [personal profile] sahiya , lover of Who and White Collar and wonderful writer of fic for both, celebrated her birthday. Imagine; a birthday and academic success in one year - yay!

hawkmoth, too, had an Aug. 10 birthday. I've enjoyed a lovely bouquet of Doctor Who fic thanks to hawkmoth, and I hope to see more very soon. Many happy returns of the day!

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