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Today had sunshine, pork chops, cake and a firetruck

It also had Thai peppers, a new tea strainer (that's really, really large), Thai eggplants, a Japanese maple syrup Swiss roll cake, some crazed last minute demands from work that I was able to meet, one less day until Mission Surprise Mom, some very nice spaghetti squash (with butter and maple syrup - hey, more maple syrup!) to go with the pork chops and salad, and, all in all, was a better day than it could have been.

The firetruck was in a funeral home parking lot. It was surrounded by many uniformed Chicago firefighters, and bedecked in bunting, and I felt vaguely guilty at being very annoyed that I couldn't get out of the parking lot because of it because, hey, it was a departed firefighter being honored, no doubt about it, but yeah, still, annoyed.

(I'd been there to offer my respects to a colleague whose parent had died, then had to sit in the parking lot to have a mobile conversation with my boss, who needed to fill out a form on how I do one of my regular beat duties because TPTB apparently needed it, which parking lot delay led to my being trapped by firefighters and bunting-bedecked ladder trucks and where did this sentence start, anyhow?)

Once I got out, though, I realized I was close to the local Korean humongo-mart,(which may be one of my favorite places these days) and that's where I headed, to get the foodstuffs and the tea strainer. I was a happy shopper - happy enough that, when I got home to yet another request for information from my poor editor, I only kvetched a brief while.

And sunshine, there was, indeed, a world of sunshine. And that was very good.

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