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Retreat of the Ghastly
The carpet is in. The a) odors and b) possible VOC worries are a) less than we expected and b) may be less than we feared.  Things are definitely not back in place, but have been moved to their proper rooms. We'll take it from there over the next few days (realistically, considering my time and BB's health) I expect that to turn into a couple of weeks. At my age, I've grudgingly learned the value of patience, so that's fine.

Carpet Day turned out to be even more ghastly than I'd feared as of my last post. The carpet guys didn't leave until about midnight...we finally went out at got them Popeye's chicken, and Bob gave them a good tip. There was a point in the evening when we had been backed into our own bedroom, with just enough room for BB to sleep on his side on the floor next to the wall, whilst I sat on our ergonomic, backless chair. And did nothing...I had foolishly lost the one book I'd kept out of the box to read, the stereo and computer were offline and I couldn't go anywhere.

Then Bob had to go up to Evanston to pick up some meds at the pharmacy. He took our car, drove up Ridge Avenue, and promptly had a tire go flat after he crashed into a major pothole. Not the same tire that went flat a week or so ago after hitting a different pothole. I love Chicago roads, and this winter - all cold weather followed by rocketlike jumps to warm rainy weather, followed by preciptious drops back to cold weather - has created more potholes than any car can escape.

Bob tried to change the tire (meaning he tried to put on the almost useless tiny emergency doughnut with which most cars are outfitted these days. In the dark, and the cold, and him exhausted. He called, I went up and got him, brought him home, thinking, as I went...jeez, I should leave a note in the window of the car. Main Street in Evanston (where he limped the car in order to reach a phone for the telephonic yell for help) in winter is not a place you want to leave a car overnight. It's a snow route...Bob said he figured he'd get a ticket, then explain to someone what had happened and see if he could get the ticket neutralized, so I decided we needed to get back to the workmen.

Should have listened to my inner voice. We slept the sleep of the dead until about 2 p.m. today (I wonder what the poor carpet guys had to do. I know they worked harder than we did, and they probably had to work.) Finally got up, ate something that wasn't doughnuts or takeout chicken, then headed up to the car, where we were going to call Smitty's Garage to come and change the tire.

Except the care wasn't there. Towed. So tomorrow, if city hall is open, we get to go up there and play that game with bureaucrats. How much am I looking forward to this? Oh, so much...

But having the carpet in is so wonderful. Got up this morning, and didn't have to walk over bloody cold and dusty concrete, it really opens the house up, it's delightful on my toes, and - perhaps most wonderful of all - I'm not in dread of The Oncoming Carpet. It's done, it's over. Now all we have to do is clean up.

And get the damned car out of the damned towing company's claws. Without paying an arm and a leg. But I can do that.
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