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Dept. of Welcome to the Working Week

In Which Your Humble Servant Attempts to Get a Move On
(And also, Several Things Make a Post)

If I could be as assiduous about my work as the little lady in my Dreamwidth icon, I would be happy. More likely, I'll resemble the little Tanuki in my LJ icon. So I shall simply be pleased that I am working ... and here, of course, I have to wonder why I spend so much time obsessing about how I don't work to what I consider my optimal level, and so little time actually, you know, working. I am forced to put it down to the fact that my human clockwork is wonky, and that this is one of the symptoms. Today, at least,  my obsession is tinged with good humor. And that is no mean feat.

Enough of that.

  • I'm plugging along at a three-story package to give to me editor before the end of my day, and I feel reasonably sure I shall succeed in that task. (And it has a neat graphic already done by our Rawkin' Graphics Designer, so it will be Even More Important. Graphs make reporters' stories better, you know, much as clear plastic binders make Calvin's school reports perfect.)
  • Speaking of plugs, (see whut I did thar? You will, shortly) I had my second "Take A Plug Out of Me. For Science!" date with my scleroderma doctor last Friday. No blood spilled onto the clean linoleum of the exam room, unlike the first plug removal (which is actually referred to as a biopsy, but it's much more fun to reference the actual shape of what they snip out of me, says the person who is always - always - too wussy to actually look when the procedure is being performed.) The doctor did manage to hit the same blood vessel in my back that she did last time, and made a note to herself to move the location slightly next time. I went home with 4 stitches in me; two to close the holes in my left forearm and two for the holes in my lower left back. As was the case last time, it's been a little uncomfortable sleeping, and I did manage to bleed on some clothes once I got home, but that's about it. And she said I'm doing really well. She and I agreed, somewhat ruefully, that this disease may have forced me into being the healthiest I have been in my entire life. I've evened out my sleep-wake cycle, I'm eating better, and less, than I ever have ... now all I have left to tackle is exercise! Oh. Wait ....
  • I made a lovely aloo gosht last night, after going out and spending too much at my favorite Indian grocery on Devon. Except that I added more crushed tomatoes than they called for, more red pepper and a teeny-tiny bit of curry powder, to go along with the rather lovely gosht paste base that I made. Also, some veggies besides potatoes. And also I made it with chicken because I didn't have lamb chops or beef in the house, and BB wouldn't eat the lamb if I did, probably. So, really, it was my own loosey-goosey interpretation of a gosht. And it was excellent. We had it with tandoori bread, which is great, but dries out quickly; must do some thinkings on that.
  • Costco's Kirkland super-premium vanilla ice cream is the best vanilla ice cream ever. And possibly one of the best ice creams ever.* That is all.
  • I have condo association work to do tonight (cue almost instinctive searching for something else to do, like alphabetizing paper bags), but I'll try to get that done in under a half-hour. Heh. I amuse myself.
  • Other things: I found myself looking forward to watching "The Time of Angels" on WTTW Channel 11 last night, because I realized I'd only seen the episode once (or 1.5 times), despite it being one of my favorite S05 epis. Along with everything but the damned Hungry Earth and Cold Blood gack-worthy efforts, and Spaaaaaace Whaaaale, which is only really saved by Liz 10. So what does [personal profile] kaffyr  find when she turns on the telly. A frakkin' begathon. And I can't find my copy on my computer, because I'm not firing on all cylinders. Still, I did find the final episode of Caprica, and watched it, so that I could mourn anew the loss of that potentially monumental show. Stupid SyFy.
  • And finally? In fanfic news ... Benjamin, my boy, I have one word for you. Sericulture.

* Not for your arteries, of course. Oh, my lord, the super creamy high fat content is heavenly.

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