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How Wonderful! People Were Born!

And I know a few of them, and want to wish them all the best on their birthdays. They're coming up, mostly, but I am horrible about these things (as I have mused and whinged about in the past); I'd rather give you advance wishes than no wishes at all, because you're all notable people of great worth, and I am very happy to have met you here on these Intarwebz.

So happy birthday, [personal profile] cygnia (18th Feb.)! You don't drop by often, but when you do, I'm always pleased to read what you have to say — and usually end up with a big grin on my face.

Happy birthday to you, too, wendymr! (18th Feb.) You helped bring me into the vibrant, friendly and creative world of online Doctor Who fandom. You encouraged me (in ways direct and indirect) as I very nervously took up writing fiction again after years away from it, and I can never thank you enough for that. We may disagree on eggnog, but I look to you to avoid putting North Americanisms in my work, and for truly interesting insights into the confusing world of Brit/American language barriers. May the coming year be filled with great fanfic, friends and everything else you want!

Happy birthday to [personal profile] marence , (18th Feb.) who shares my fascination with Doctor Who, River, and adventures into meta. May your year be free of pain, full of joy and loads of great reading and conversation!

And to [personal profile] trobadora , (19th Feb.) who is a lively participant in many an enjoyable DW discussion, many happy returns of the day. I look forward to seeing you more around these parts!

Nor can I forget [personal profile] jrittenhouse (19th Feb.). Many happy returns of the day, sir. I wish you a year that is as filled with happiness and peace as possible; it's more than time for that!

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