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Dept. of Many, Many Thanks

I Had a Stocking, and It Got Filled

(And I filled a few myself)

What with me being a complete Mr. Grumpy Face over the last couple of days, I completely forgot (as grumpy faces will) about all the things that also made me smile over the past few days.

Chief among them were the wonderful fandom_stocking presents got from lovely people. If you haven't seen some of them them pop up elsewhere, drop over and enjoy them at the stocking.

I got a Santa-hat Kitteh holiday wish from [personal profile] chokolattejedi, another equally lovely greeting from [personal profile] noveltea , and yet more from [personal profile] ariestess, plus a lovely sparkly New Year's wish from [personal profile] twinsarein . Thank you all!

[personal profile] livii dropped by and brightened my day with her good wishes, as did canaana and [personal profile] ladymercury_10 , (who did so with a wonderful GIF of Amy/Karen and a be-fezzed Eleven/Matt.)

[personal profile] kerravonsen noticed that I love the Vorkosiverse and induced massive squeeage by making and giving me an icon of Miles and Ekaterin — the icon I've used for this post, as a matter of fact!

[personal profile] joking gifted me with hours of reading and viewing pleasure, with a rec list of TARDIS-related stories and more. Boy, does she know me well ... and the very kind [personal profile] dunderklumpen indulged my Criminal Minds habit with links to some great CM pic spams - woo-hoo!

wendymr provided me with a wonderful drabble in which the TARDIS shows her love for Jack; [personal profile] yamxrevealed the real proximate cause of the fall of Troy, complete with horse *snrk*; the wonderful [personal profile] dameruth and the gifted lyricwrites presented me with wonderful Jenny/Vastra stories; [personal profile] st_aurafina wrote me a sly and witty OT3-with-added-Awesome Donna that made me grin very widely; and the lovely [personal profile] sahiya wrote me a story in which the Doctor and River brought me to tears, in a good way.

Thank you, one and all!

(I enjoyed the other end of the stocking by providing stories of various lengths to cantarina1, [personal profile] sahiya, [personal profile] livii , [personal profile] canaan, [personal profile] yamx , othermewriter, [personal profile] joking, exiled_mind, and wendymr. Thank you all for allowing me to stuff your stockings! I'll be posting those stories up here and elsewhere (Teaspoon and AO3) over the next little while.)

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