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Dept. of Big Old Birthday Post

Why, yes, I have forgotten birthdays again

I don't know why I'm so terrifically inept at posting birthday well-wishes to people I like. It's not as if I don't want to say "Happy Birthday!" But rather than examine, in painful psychoanalytic depth, the reasons for Failure to Birthday Wish, I think I shall Birthday Wish away, for folks who've long since eaten the cake, those who might be celebrating today, and (for good measure) pre-Birthday wishes for those whose natal celebrations are upcoming.

Moving to the far distant past, let me wish of fairy belated birthday to[personal profile] lsanderson , who I hope you had a great birthday on December 9. I hope he had a month of holiday fun, with lots of talk and lots of great company.

Then on to December 12th, which was musichick42's birthday. Although I don't see her often enough any more, either here or where I first met her, over at television without pity, I still think of her with warmth. I hope her birthday was fantastic.

Next, to scarfman, whose birthday is the same day as my brother's, December 15. May 2012 be a good year for him and those around him, filled with creativity (particularly triangular creativity), good health, and security.

As Christmas Day approached, my friend clearlydark celebrated a birthday on December 19th. I have delighted over the past year in hearing of his increased happiness; here's to even more happiness and love in 2012.

On December 21, apostle_of_eris celebrated his birthday. Many thanks to this erudite, witty (and very patient) man, for being a friend to someone who's hermit tendencies have made it hard to be a friend. Happy 2012!

Next up is fmsv, whose birthday was on December 23. I hope you enjoyed your birthday with friends and loved ones; I also hope the new year brings new feline companionship, should you so desire.

Wow, we're now getting closer to the end of last year, and I can wish lillibetm3 an only slightly belated birthday, which she celebrated on December 28. She and I share a love of Dr. Who fanfic, and she is a delightful LJ acquaintance.

Just after the new year turned, the elegantly intimidating [personal profile] pnh celebrated his birthday, on January 2 to be precise. He rarely hangs out in LJ but I wish him the very best of years nonetheless.

Just last week, on January 4, monkey_pants7 blew the candles on her cake. I hope the coming year will be twice as good as 2011, because you deserve every good thing that can possibly come your way. I hope to "see" you around LJ more this year!

On January 6, haldir_lives13 had what I hope was a wonderful natal day celebration. I have met her only recently, but am so glad that I did; she is a friendly and graphically talented addition to my list of interesting LJ friends.

And there you have it, yet another mass Birthday Wish from someone who thinks birthdays, and the wonderful people who celebrate them, are fantastic, but who can't seem to get her act in gear enough to send happy birthday wishes on time.


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