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Christmas Was Surreal. I'm Sure It Bodes Well for 2012

Christmas Eve was really the start of it. We went over to First Born's and his Lady Love's for thel Christmas spaghetti dinner that's traditional in her family. As odd as it seemed to me, it was great to share something with her and have a chance to get to know her better. But it was a little surreal for me to be having a Christmas dinner in my son's home for the very first time. They had their own tree (two of them, actually, but that's a different story) and it was wonderful. And surreal.

And then there was that back spasm ....

See, I've had a recurring back problem - ah, age! - over the past year. I'd thought of it as a muscle strain of some sort, but it really isn't, I realized somewhere into the second day of this bout. It's a classic back spasm.

And what does it feel like, this back spasm thing? Understanding burst on me in the middle of my second sleepless night. It was like labor pains. In my back. And I know from labor pains.

Christmas Eve was the second night of this most recent spasm. I'd been keeping it intermittently  at bay with codeine, Advil, muscle relaxants, heat, and ice. I'd have added in animal sacrifice if I could have moved fast enough to catch one of the cats.  I'd spent Christmas Eve day baking, and cooking one of the meat dishes and preparing the two dressings,  then spent Christmas Day cooking the goose. If it hadn't been for BB (who'd have a crown in heaven for his work, if he believed in those sort of things) and the drugs, I wouldn't have gotten through it.

As it was, the dressings didn't make it. Pain and drugs do a lot to make one forget when it's time to take the dressings out of the oven. I was monumentally disappointed. But folks seemed to enjoy the rest of the meal and BB tells me I handled everything well enough.  I mostly remember either pain or the slightly addled occasional lack of it.

So, yeah. Surreal.

The spasm kept up through deadline day Tuesday, and gradually died out. I'm (whisper it) pain free now. But dear lord, what a Christmas.

And one of the cats knocked over the tree today.

But enough about my eyes. Here, have a look at one of the more brilliantly profane pieces of political fanfic it's been my pleasure to laugh at, and be kinda of moved about. It helps if you know a little bit about Chicago politics, but it's not absolutely necessary. Many thanks to[personal profile] ljgeoff .

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