kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of Writing

Unruly Fanfic Is Unruly

So. I've written two fandom_stocking stories in the past three days. The problem is, they're both 1,000 plus jobbies. I can't do that. I promised myself I'd keep to drabbles. But they keep getting long. Well, if 1,000 plus can be considered long.

The problem is I can't easily seem to write shorter than that. Last year I was able to, I recall. This year, it's a double whammy; hard to write, and hard to write short.

Ah, well. It's fun, so far. But I have to take tomorrow off. I have nine end-of-year stories to write for my boss before the end of the day tomorrow. Stupid work.
Tags: dr. who, fandom, fanfic, holiday fun

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