kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of Nataldalia

... aaaand a Few More

... who have had birthdays in recent millennia days, and who I have not forgotten. Thank heavens.

Happy birthday only three days late tolonewytch (Dec. 3), a lovely person I've met in the past little while, and whose astonishingly good fic it's been my distinct pleasure to read. And she adds such lovely thoughts to conversations about DW. Hope your natal day was fabulous, and that life continues thusly for you!

Happy birthday this past weekend to azalaisdep (Dec. 4), whose creative, gripping and alluring Middle Earth stories are practically the only non-DW fanfic I read, and whose stories about her home life with a new generation of DW fans are just as wonderful to read. Many happy returns of the day to you, and of the coming year!

And finally, Penultimately, a Happy Birthday wish tospiderine, another Dec. 4 baby, and a passionate, funny, determined, dedicated and quite unforgettable lady who has spent the last while giving unstintingly of time and effort at Occupy Boston. I salute you!

And finally (yes, I forgot one even as I posted. Sigh.) Happy Birthday yesterday toalizarin_skies, whose artistic gift has resulted in some of the most striking wallpapers, icons and such that I've ever had the fun of admiring (and picking up to use, of course.) May the coming year be fulfilling for you, on the personal, professional and artistic fronts!
Tags: birthdays, fandom, interesting people

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