November 2nd, 2021


Dept. of It Doesn't Get Easier

So We've Apparently Lost Virginia

Per the Washington Post as of 8:20 p.m. Chicago time, a Trump clone with better hair is winning the gubernatorial election over Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe. That sucks big time, although I notice that the gap is closing, with 26 percent of the vote left to be tallied. It still won't be enough. On the other hand, it looks as if the Democratic governor of New Jersey is set to become the first Democrat to win reelection in that state for about 40 years. So there's that. Apparently not.

It's so damned tiring; I mean, I knew all the way back on Nov. 4, 2020, that our fight wasn't over. But watching Democrats lose their spines when they have the fucking majorities in both Congressional chambers; watching Manchin and Sinema double up to hobble the Democratic Senate; seeing Biden fail to take both of them out to the woodshed and [warning: extremely violent wish in the offing from Your Humble Correspondent]  spank them so hard they can't sit down for a fucking week; watching people who I otherwise have to assume have enough brain cells to walk and chew gum at the same time melt down* in incoherent and inchoate whiny, fear-filled rage about Critical Race Theory, OMG it's coming for our children, won't someone PLEASE think of the (white) children and Black Lives Matter ... 

... it's just fucking tiring. I'm privileged; I'm white, I'm not overly poverty-stricken and, oh, did I mention I'm white? So I can say "it's fucking tiring". I have that luxury. Black and brown people don't have that luxury; Americans of various Asian backgrounds don't have that luxury; the unhoused don't have that luxury; the undocumented don't have that luxury. 

And we're failing them. I'm part of that "we". 

I can't give a lot of money, despite having a higher standard of living than a lot of people. But I should be able to give of my time. 

I hate calling people on the phone; I did it for too many years as part of my job. So I've held back on doing one little thing - doing phone banks for candidates I believe in across the country. I guess I need to get off my duff, swallow my anxiety and get out there. 

Thank you for your patience, as I maunder and scream bitterly into the void.

*and they call us snowflakes. Faugh ... yes they are deplorable. 

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