July 29th, 2021

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Dept. of Getting Ready

Just Over Four Days ...

... before we head off to Seattle. I spent much of today doing some necessary prep - arranging for cars to pick us up here on Tuesday and then at O'Hare on the 7th. It's expensive, but we've learned that hoping for taxis, Ubers or Lyfts to get us to the airport on time isn't worth the dollar savings. That's especially true when takeoff or landing times are at various versions of ogodo-clock, which is very true this trip; our plane to Seattle is wheels up at 7 a.m., god help us, and our flight from Seattle lands at O'Hare at 11:49 p.m. on the 7th. 

I checked three limo companies, and had to do it on the phone because none of their websites were user friendly. I didn't mind; speaking with people is still something I can do. We got the round trip reservations for $20 above what  my self-imposed ceiling was, but it included the gratuities and all the taxes, so there's that. 

I also pre-ordered food for both flights, since Alaska Air lets you do that (probably a lot of airlines let you do it). I like making sure we will have something to nosh on, since the flight time will be 4+ hours, and neither of us is going to be happy without that. 

After all that, we had to climb into our very hot car, go to thee local PetSmart, and buy a new cat tree for the two feline maniacs who managed to break one of the load bearing pillars on their current one. Seriously, cat-dudes - why u do that to yer kittehmomz? 

And yes, it wasn't fixable, which is what we'd really hoped, but they managed to tear holes in the particle board that the column was bolted into, and we couldn't just shore it up - it kept twisting out of alignment. So yes, go ahead cats; add some last minute pressure on our bank book. Little furry assholes. 

Wow. Such trivial, so superficial. Wow. 

Also, I am, perhaps, listening to more Dimash than I expected to. Thanks, 
[personal profile] elisi !

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