July 25th, 2021


Dept. of Sunday

It's Hot Out and I No Longer Love Heat. 

The older I get, the more uncomfortably my body reacts to high temperatures. I've been reminded of this more than once over the past two or so months. There's little I can do about my internal thermostat deciding to conk out, so I've stayed inside as much as possible recently. 

There are, however, times when one has to go out; getting one's meds is rather difficult to do if one cowers in one's livingroom. 

So yes, today ended up hot and more sweaty than I like. 

On the other hand, I was able to clean window lintels, which made me quite happy. The cats were less than thrilled when I shooed them off and cleaned with (sounds of silent cat "ptui") hot water and lemon lysol. Too bad, cats; you're part of the reason I had to clean the lintels. 

I'm going to check in tomorrow with Andy to see how things are going in Seattle. He and I spoke for about two minutes today, and he told me that they have an AC unit ordered and on its way, which eases my mind considerably. 

Hmm. No other things to report, so I'm going off to watch anime with Bob. 
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