July 24th, 2021

Hero Thirteen

Dept. of Memes

Frankenstein Meme, Day 18

How many fandoms have you written for? How many have you been in, and how many are you still in?

I’m still in all the fandoms for which I’ve written, with the exception of a couple for which I wrote three-sentence fics in the Three Sentence comment ficathon.

(Those include Narnia, The Expanse, and Leverage. All three are fandoms in which I either enjoy or would enjoy reading good fics, while Leverage has some great fanvids. But I just don’t have the overall knowledge of general canon and episode canon to create fic beyond the 3-sentence format.)

The fandom for which I’ve written the most is Doctor Who. I’ve largely written New Who, but I’m also fond of the Third Doctor, Liz Shaw and Jo Grant, so they've gotten some love from me.

I’ve written a number of Sapphire and Steel fics, most of which feature Silver, and a few of which are crossovers with Who. One or two feature non-television Elements, who I’ve come to enjoy thanks to other fic writers.

I love the Vorkosiverse, so I’ve written two or three fics there, and hope to write more.

I think my newest fandom, at least for writing stories, is The Goblin Emperor. I already have more ideas for that universe.

I honestly can’t see myself writing for Guardian, but I’ve learned never to say never.

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