June 20th, 2021


Dept. of Father's Day

These Are My Favorite Fathers

I grew up without a father, courtesy of my mother's divorce. I did grow up with a grandfather, but that was a very different thing. So I didn't have any idea of what a father might be, or how someone could be a good father to a child.

I found the answer in Bob.

From the days when we were preparing for Andy's arrival,, to the moment when Andy was placed in a tired father's arms for the first time, and through all the years to follow, Bob showed me what a father should be.

He was brilliant at it - patient, goofy, ready to undertake 3 a.m. feedings, creative, gentle, and filled with love. Of course there were days when he did or said the wrong thing; of course there were times when he and Andy were at angry loggerheads. There were angry arguments, wild disagreements and times when both of them wanted to pitch the other out windows. 

But those times pale into insignificance when compared to the way he approached fatherhood, and the values he imparted to our offspring: the aforementioned patience, creativity, gentleness, and love. 

Now Andy says he wants to be as good a dad to his son as Bob was to him, and looks to his father for help and advice. I know he, too, will be a good father. 

Happy Father's Day, my beloved husband; thank you for showing me what a good father is. Happy Father's Day, my beloved son: you will be a magnificent Dad. 

And Happy Father's Day to everyone who is celebrating with a wonderful father.

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