June 9th, 2021

See the Sky

Dept. of Unexpected Beauty


I am always stunned by the beauty of clouds, something that my love of Miyazaki films has nurtured even more. Summer clouds, thunderheads, the results of heat and humidity (which is, I suppose, why Miyazaki clouds look as they do; Japanese summers are hot and humid.)

Yesterday afternoon as I headed out to do some errands, I was entranced by clouds and cloud banks high above Chicago and its near suburbs - so much so that I had to pull over and take pictures with my phone. As I came out of Costco, I caught another cloudscape, and it was so glorious that I stopped right in the middle of the parking lot drive aisle to take a picture. The SUV that I inadvertently blocked was polite and didn't run me over. 

I present two of the shots here. I enhanced the color by a bit so that the cloud formations were easier to see online - but the clouds themselves? That's courtesy of the universe. Thank you, universe.
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