June 7th, 2021

Jeweled Maia

Dept. of Monday

Made It Through Monday Quite Nicely

Things that make a list: 
  • We still haven't been able to contact our maintenance lady, so the curtain rod remains down.
  • I have come to the (potential) realization that I might have some sort of lactose intolerance. Ice cream has certainly treated me horribly recently. An experiment with non-dairy alternatives did not cause the same problems. I think I'll check out using milk instead of soy beverage in my coffee to see if that has some sort of similar reaction. It may just be the universe telling me I shouldn't be downing job lots of ice cream. 
  • After prodding by my brother, I checked with Canada Pension to see if I might be due some Canada Pension Plan payments, since I did work in Canada for six years before coming down here. After an hour on hold Friday and a mere 40 minutes on hold today, I learned that I could be due both CPP and something from Canada's Old Age Security plan. Not much, but it's honestly more than I expected; it will be a couple hundred a month (Canadian) that I can put into my Canadian bank account. That's a little extra security. It will take months to a year to actually happen, but at least it's in the works.
  • Andy has started to get a couple of paying photography gigs outside his regular job, which is a little financial security for him, and he's definitely talented enough to make a go of it. Oh, and we're one month from Baby Due Date. AAAAiiieeee!
  • I had a delightful dream last night that included newfound fannish friends, a night sky lit up by strange fireworks, by whose lights I could see hundreds of night flying birds, and a bed where my husband and my son, back to being a child, were asleep, surrounded by kittens. I want to use the imagery of the fireworks and the birds in something ....
  • And Joe Manchin is an asshole. 
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