June 6th, 2021


Dept. of Home Stuff

Curtain Rods and Cuisine

I got up Sunday morning, went to open the curtains in the dining room, and had half the curtain rod come down on my head. When it did, it pulled itself out of the wall with a glorious vengeance, leaving a ragged hole in the drywall. This happened before my first cup of coffee ....

When Bob got up, he looked at the hole, sighed, declared the patching thereof to be beyond his skills, and I put out a text for Lori, our building's very capable maintenance person. With any luck, I'll get in touch with her sometime tomorrow, and I'll ask her if she'd give us an estimate for doing the job. Until the hole's patched, we're not going to put the curtain rod back up. Not that we'll be putting the rod anchor up in the same place, but we don't want to put the cur4tain up and then have to take it down to do the patching, if we can help it.

My Sunday culinary adventures turned out to be less fraught than the cashew chicken job. I made stuffed eggplant with some leftover cooked rice, burger, and the sauteed eggplant chunks I removed from the shell. Although the diced tomatoes I added to the mix had hot chilies in them, it turned out to be barely warm. The important thing is that it was very tasty. We also have enough for leftovers for dinner today.

Ah, domesticity.

And how is everyone else today?
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