May 24th, 2021

Bleach Set the World on Fire

Dept. of Birthdays

Nothing But Good Wishes ...

... to the lovely 
[personal profile] sallymn  and the formidable [personal profile] lydy 

I met 
[personal profile] sallymn  via Live Journal and various online fandoms, and I immediately liked her friendliness, quiet (and more than occasionally gloriously goofy) humor, and her icons, several of which I still have, use, and appreciate. May your recuperation continue to be ahead of the curve, may your retirement and your studies be equally fulfilling, may your days be filled with the music you love, the television shows you like, and people you adore!

I met 
[personal profile] lydy  - have I mentioned she's formidable? Have I also mentioned that she's formidable in a magnificently positive way? - via traditional science fiction fandom. Her thought processes are incisive, her use of language both precise and poetic, her worldview challenging, her bravery unquestionable, and her friendship (for such I hope I have) a great gift. Perhaps someday, relatively soon, we can make another journey to Mipple City and enjoy your company again. Until then, many happy returns of the day!

Oh, and speaking of Minnesotans, it's Bob Dylan's birthday. He's weird and at least a bit of a genius (I know people will say I've under- or over-valued him. but there you go), certainly a poet, and someone to whom attention must be paid. Good on you for making it this far, Mr. Zimmerman!

Here's one of my favorite songs of his. I love its propulsive feel, and the story he tells.

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