September 21st, 2020

Ekaterin Vorkosigan

Dept. of Monday Sunshine

Good Things and Other Things

Let's get the "other" part out of the way. This story from NPR, about how the efficacy of recycling plastics has always been a lie, one that oil companies pushed even as they knew it was a lie, has almost caused me to despair. It's certainly plunged me into an environmental Slough of Despond, from which I cry disconsolately "Why the fuck should I even bother?" What do you think, after reading it?

I'll follow that up with something slightly more positive: the potential for at least considering the likelihood of life on or above Venus. (I made that sufficiently equivocal, I think.) The information in this Washington Post piece was intriguing, to say the least.

Further things: I've made applesauce this afternoon. The old apple peeler/corer/slicer that we picked up at either Goodwill or the Sally Ann didn't work this time, although it was really helpful the last time we used it. I'll have to investigate it, but I think the blades involved are now too blunted. Or maybe the apples were too soft ... *wanders off, muttering*

Also on the cooking menu is a cucumber-onion salad. Hmmm; food considerations remind me that I need to create the menu for the rest of this week, because I'm trying very hard to be organized about things like this.

I'm also going to try to get a little bit more writing done on my slow fanfic WIP. Go, me.  And the music I'll be listening to as I try is CBC radio, which I was reminded I have access to online. It's been very soothing; lots of diverse music, with quiet chat between pieces, usually with really interesting information about pieces or composers.

Speaking of Canada, now I really have to start watching Schitt's Creek, which I've been aware of for a few years but which I haven't watched, because the idea of a family living in limbo, no matter how funny, pushes the same horrid buttons that Green Acres used to.* It swept all 7 Emmy comedy-connected awards last night, and now that the series is over, I can maybe get started on it.

* When I was a lilttle kid with little to no taste in television, "Green Acres" used to drive me spare; why couldn't they fix the damned house, why were they living where they had to climb a pole to answer the phone, why didn't they just start making their home neater. Why couldn't they control their surroundings? Worse, why didn't they seem to want to control their surroundings?  This speaks more to me than it speaks to Green Acres ... amusingly enough, I watched a little of a Green Acres episode not long ago, and really enjoyed it, probably because I could digest its surrealism and enjoy it. A little like not being able to stand blue cheese or dulse as a youngster - not even being able to understand how anyone would like them - and discovering years later how much I liked one, and could enjoy the other.

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